How we used SEO to drive
8 million visits to GazetaExpressin 6 months

Gazeta Expres SEO Case Study

I have been highly impressed by the work and results delivered by Manaferra’s team. We cooperated closely with them on planning and implementing best web practices which have brought us 10-15% monthly grow.
Leonard Kerquki, Editor In Chief

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The Problem

Gazeta Express reached us for our SEO services because it was clear that despite their well-known brand within their industry and the shear volume of inbound links to their website, they weren’t getting the full potential of natural search traffic. They hired our company to address their concerns about site architecture and content optimization in order to drive additional traffic from search engines and popular publishers.

The Results

By using the best practices of SEO, our team were able to drive an extra 8 million visits to their website through natural search alone and increase the overall site traffic for 20% within the first 6 months.

60% More Search
20% More Web

Got featured on

aljazeera foreign-policy  the-week slate       

Our Strategy

Eliminate Duplicate Content

Creating unique meta titles & description and removing duplicate content.

Improve Site Indexing

Creating & optimizing XML sitemaps, robots.txt and implementing pagination guidelines.

Outreach and Digital PR

Using a variety of methods to build links and monitoring the brand for non-linking mentions.

Optimize On-page Code

Creating keyword-rich title tags, optimizing image ALT tags & improving internal linking.