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March 08, 2014

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Here we go again.

This is the second time we look into Twitter activity to see which is the most-tweeted Albanian website of the month. In January 2014, Telegrafi, Koha & GazetaExpress were top 3 Albanian websites with most links shared on Twitter. One month after, even some websites got improve them performance on Twitter, they could not beat their top competitors: Telegrafi, GazetaExpress and Koha.

Cicërima në ditë

Looking into the graph, we can see clearly that GazetaExpress had a huge increase on performance with a 51% compared to the last month. Telegrafi (+16%) and Koha (+18%) also had more links shared in Twitter this month but not like GazetaExpress. had this drastic fall with 16.02.2014 which if my memory don’t lie to me corresponds with the day the redesigned their website (something seems to have gone wrong over there). GazetaExpress had also a redesign this month (developed by us and designed by SAP & Trembelat) but we didn’t see any fall in activity

Futhermore, this month we have a new website coming into the top 10 list ( and one disappearing from the list (

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