Using Google+ shortcuts to improve your user experience

March 08, 2014
Faton Sopa


Using mouse to navigate a website sometimes know to be very exhausting especially when you have to do with a ton of news feeds on social media websites Google+. That is why Google has recently decided to launch a more efficient and fastest way of accessing your content on Google+.

In order to help new users to better understand the way shortcuts works, Google has added the question shortcut “?” where a pop-up with the list of available options will appear.


Here a list of things you can do on the newly updated Google+.

Up and down keys – Scroll through list of notifications.
Enter – Open the currently selected notification
u – Gets the list of notifications
Left and right arrows = After opening your one of your notifications, your can scroll through them via left or right arrow keys
d – Mark your notifications “as read”

And here is the complete list

Shortcuts Descriptions
Next post on stream
Previous post on stream
Expand / collapse current post
Next comment on current post
Previous comment on current post
Type comment on current post
Tab + Enter
Add comment on current post
Load new posts
Scroll down
Shift +Spacebar
Scroll Up
Open keyboard shortcut help
Send a Google feedback
Left Arrow
Opens list of pages. Use Up and Down arrow keys to navigate and Enterto select.
Right Arrow
Scrolls to next content (Next picture in album)

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