+65% in organic leads & +70% in organic TRAFFIC

The Client

  • University of the Potomac is a higher education institution with campuses in Washington DC, Virginia & Chicago.
  • They launched their new website in August 2018 and saw their organic traffic drop by 70% during a crucial period of time in their industry (application season).
  • We were brought on board to help them recover the lost traffic & set up University of the Potomac for future SEO growth.

The plan

  • The site had recently gone under a full redesign, so we wanted to know if SEO best practices have been implemented during this process. A lot of things can go wrong, and will go wrong if a plan doesn't exist.
  • Even though the UI for the new website was solid, the site's load time was slow. Very slow. We're talking 10-seconds-slow! We came to the rescue with a detailed look into site speed on our SEO Audit.
  • During a quick check, we found that the blog section was the main traffic driver (not a driver in its first sense) in its early days. The problem: those 'early days' were in the early 2010s, and - as written content does when it's not refreshed - it got outdated. This caused for rankings and traffic to slip.

    The solution: After fixing the technical/on-page issues (which also helped with traffic recovery), we decided to prioritize content & link building as the way to grow UOTP's search visibility.


  • Technical SEO // 301 Redirect Mapping from OLD urls to NEW ones (identified during the audit, wasn't handled properly), Internal Linking (all internal links were pointing to the homepage, probably a Find & Replace command used wrongly), Page Speed (removed unused plugins, server performance issues, no caches & no CDN - fixed all these) and more.
  • Content Marketing // Content Audit (identified well-performing content pieces, ones that had potential to rank after optimization, content to rewrite/refresh or delete/merge, etc.  Keyword-driven Content Calendar to plan/write new content pieces.
  • Link Outreach // Used existing partnerships to secure links from. Two successful Link Outreach campaigns targeting links from brand mentions and resource pages. Were able to get an average of 10 new links per month.


+ 65 %
+ 70 %


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