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Why SEO and Content Marketing Can’t Do Without One Another

The myth among some marketers that perfect content doesn’t need SEO is, simply, a myth. Creating original, thought-provoking, and engaging content is the basis of optimization, and likewise, SEO is strategized around Content Marketing.

Therefore, they go hand in hand. If you only pay attention to one but neglect the other, your efforts will be diminished. The keyword research you do will go to waste if those keywords are not later used in your content. Similarly, creating a piece without knowing who your audience is, what they’re looking for (or whether you even have an audience) will leave you without your desired traffic.

How we do things around here is: our content marketing team is in charge of creating great content, while our SEO team optimizes and promotes that content so that it gets the visibility we aim for. This way, both get the attention they deserve. It works like a charm!

SEO and Content Marketing Integration

The fundamental reason why content and SEO are so closely linked, according to Google, is because Content is one of the primary search engine factors.

Where does SEO come in, you’ll ask.

Well, the whole point of Search Engine Optimization is Google wanting to offer its users the best experience possible, and SEO happens to do just that. They want users to find the information they’re searching for easily. So, ‘if you want to rank for a certain query, you need to fill the need and offer that high-value information.’ Moreover, you need to be authoritative enough as a site so that people trust the information you’re providing them through your content.

Therefore, if you don’t have powerful content, the SEO work you’re doing won’t be of any use. Likewise, if your content is solid, but you have neglected SEO, it may get lost on the internet after a week.

Importance of Content Writing in SEO

Content Marketing deals with—you guessed it—content. And what would SEO optimize without the existing content?

Here are three main reasons Content is essential to SEO:

If you have no content, what is Google going to rank you for?

It’s only logical. If you don’t have content, what is there for Google to rank? Every website needs words, copy, articles, keywords, etc. In Google Images Google ranks images (on that note, make sure to optimize the images you use), likewise goes for videos, and in the same manner, in the general Google section, Google ranks text, i.e. the content written by content writers.

In a nutshell, this is why content writing is important for your SEO: it gives Google something to rank. Moreover, it also tells Google which keywords and search terms your content is aiming to be ranked.

The keywords need to be used strategically

Sure, the SEO specialist finds them through keyword research, but you can’t just stuff an article with keywords in sentences that don’t make sense. You will be penalized if you do so. Users might find your page, but they won’t spend time on your site, and Google will notice that.

Strategic content writing is needed so that the right keywords are put in the right place and amount to satisfy the users (and Google).

If only that was all there was! Many other aspects need to be kept in mind by content creators. For example, the length of text (a lengthy 2000-word article is more likely to rank than a shorter, incomplete one); then there’s site structure, target keyword volume, and competition, and so on.

You can get quality backlinks only if you have quality content

Backlinks are a form of social validation.

You might say this is far-fetched, but hear me out why I say this.

A backlink in the digital marketing world is like a recommendation that a website or brand gives to its users. And they will only mention (link) an article of a trustworthy, authoritative site and with content that is qualitative. Sure, you can pay websites and blogs to link back to you, but shouldn’t you want them to link to you because they appreciate what you are publishing?

These organic backlinks don’t go unnoticed by Google. It sees them as validation, and, as a result, its algorithms use this validation to rank your web pages and blog posts.

Importance of SEO in Content Marketing

Being very much into metaphors, these ones regarding the interrelation of SEO and content caught my eye:

SEO without content marketing is like a body without a soul. – Forbes


Just like an engine with no wheels, SEO without content is a shiny machine that goes nowhere. … Start your SEO content journey by bringing the two together from the beginning. – Search Engine Land

In brief, SEO helps Content creators out from the start with info about what the audience wants before they even start creating the content and then takes the lead in promoting it after it’s finished.

An effective content strategy starts with keyword research

The mistake of waiting until the end of content creation to use the tool of SEO for promotional purposes should not be made.

Everything starts with keyword research. The first thing to do before creating content is for SEO to research and find relevant keywords that people are searching for and which we want to rank for. Having a keyword strategy when creating your content marketing calendar is imperative for this to be done effectively.

Those keywords are shared with the content writers and can help them generate content ideas. Afterward, if used in an appropriate manner following a strategic approach (as we mentioned above), it is easier to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

See how they’re dependent on one another?

It’s important to keep in mind that, yes, SEO and content work together, but they need to do so in balance. It’s crucial to not overstuff a text with keywords and overoptimize. That has a negative impact on SEO and user experience!

Link building FTW

Link building is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. By link building is how SEO makes sure the content gets traffic after it gets published.

The reason why link building is so important is that search engines (like Google) use such links to explore new websites and set the overall ranking of a SERP website. Thus, ‘they explore new content and determine the authority of a website based on the authority passed from external sources.’

So, basically, this makes a website’s link profile one of the most valuable ranking factors and why SEO pays so much attention to it.

Besides external linking, it’s important to do internal link building, too. (Thus, link back to one of our own site’s pages.)

How to acquire links from external domains, you’ll ask.

Our SEO team can give you many ideas: from guest posting to social promotion to email outreach and many others; we do it all around here.

Technical SEO factors

Some technical sitewide issues need to be audited and cleaned up by the SEO master before even starting to optimize content. They can make or break the progress of a content piece!

Moreover, there are a few technical considerations that relate to every piece of individual content. Such is whether the content loads quickly enough (people’s attention span is 3 seconds; they’ll click Back if your page takes too long to load). For this not to happen, make sure the sizes of images and other media files you used aren’t slowing down the content’s performance.

Moreover, the content needs to be mobile optimized. As you can see, SEO deals with all these little technicalities the user doesn’t even think of. If only they knew the trouble we go through to offer them the best user experience!

Therefore, we hope to have successfully explained that there’s more to Content than just writing, and there’s more to SEO than just optimization. Most importantly, though, to have shown the unbreakable bond between these two. Even peanut butter can be eaten without jam, but is it really a PB&J sandwich anymore?

Dafina Zymeri

Dafina Zymeri

Content Specialist

Dafina is a Content Specialist at Manaferra and everyone’s favorite resident photographer. Apart from her love of capturing moments in time, her need of finding a non-traditional job with an English degree drove her to Manaferra. Here she is able to do what she does best—create SEO content, content marketing strategies, and all the work that drives our clients’ visibility, traffic, and conversions.

Dafina is a Content Specialist at Manaferra and everyone’s favorite resident photographer. Apart from her love of capturing moments in time, her need of finding a non-traditional job with an English degree drove her to Manaferra. Here she is able to do what she does best—create SEO content, content marketing strategies, and all the work that drives our clients’ visibility, traffic, and conversions.

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