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About Manaferra
About Manaferra
About Manaferra

Why are we doing this?

We started Manaferra for you, the business owner because we firmly believe you deserve an SEO Agency that brings you Return On Investment. An agency that delivers on its promise, on time and within budget, while you can focus more on your business.

We believe people deserve to find the information they are looking for, easily & intuitively.

It's our mission to help businesses reach their target audience and grow their business,
by solving people's problems.

That's how we'll build a company future generations will be proud of.

We Believe

That transparency helps us build trust.

Transparency is in our core DNA. There are no surprises when working with us. You get full access to everything that we do for you, including files, tools, software, and detailed reporting.

That the only right investment is the one that grows your education institution.

We only work with education institutions we are confident we can help them grow. We get invested in understanding your business and identifying the best strategies that bring you Return On Investment.

That “good enough” is not good enough.

We constantly challenge our limits to go beyond what's expected from us and deliver an outstanding service other SEO agencies only dream about.

That SEO is a tailor-made solution.

What works for others may not work for you. That's why we leave no stone unturned until we discover a solution for you; then we go the EXTRA mile by constantly testing, updating, and tweaking to find ways to keep moving the needle for your education institution.

If you believe the same things, we’d love to work with you

Values We Are Made Of

We hire, train, execute, & celebrate through the lens of our values.



eager to learn and grow

Eager to learn and grow





committed to results

Committed to results

  • T Our clients fave full access into everything we do for them [in-real time] and our team knows [almost] everything about our agency.
  • E We treat every day as an opportunity to improve ourselves and be ahead of the curve.
  • T We have the confidence that the actions of others will remain consistent with what they say.
  • E We treat others the way we wish to be treated - with respect for their thoughts, feelings, and opinions.
  • C We’re obsessed with getting results and never sacrificing quality for quantity.

Meet Your Dedicated Team Before You Work With Us.