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10 Higher Education Conferences You Must Attend in 2023

Higher education conferences are a golden opportunity for leaders to develop. The conference will help you stay updated on the latest trends and challenges in the field as well as offer the chance to interact and network with other professionals.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 higher education conferences we’re particularly excited about in 2023. Each one is worth investing in.

10 Must-Attend Conferences for Higher Education in 2023


From events starting in March to ones you have to wait for until the end of the year, here are ten higher-ed conferences you should add to your calendar.

1. ACE2023—The American Council on Education’s Annual Meeting

Date: April 13–15, 2023

Location: Washington, DC

The American Council on Education’s Annual Meeting offers the opportunity to meet and network with leaders from various sectors of higher education. The interactions you have will help provide insights into the future of education and innovative solutions for today’s challenges.

Some major speakers that have been announced for this year’s panel include:

  • Lawrence S. Bacow – President, Harvard University
  • Jonathan R. Alger – President, James Madison University
  • Laura Helmuth – Editor in Chief, Scientific American
  • Clint Smith Staff – Writer, The Atlantic, and Number One New York Times Best-Selling Author

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2. InsightsEDU 2023 – Marketing and Enrollment Management for Adult and Online Education

Date: March 7-9, 2023

Location: Denver, CO

The InsightsEDU 2023 conference is an excellent opportunity for you to meet and learn from peers in higher education. It focuses exclusively on adult learner enrollment in post-traditional online education programs. The conference includes several sessions designed to help leaders like you gain valuable insight into higher education marketing and enrollment management.

This year’s speaker lineup includes names such as:

  • Don Batsford – Head of Industry, Google
  • Iris Shalev – Client Solutions Manager, TikTok
  • Tarah Hackman – Team Lead, Sr. Strategic Value Advisor, Adobe
  • Benjamin Kennedy – CEO and Founder, Kennedy and Company

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3. NACAC National Conference

Date: September 21-23, 2023

Location: Baltimore, MD

Another conference you should not miss is the NACAC National Conference—bringing over 6,000 attendees and 200 exhibitors together. Join the thousands of college admission counseling professionals at the conference for face-to-face meetings, where you can learn more about industry relationships and discover new business opportunities.

More information regarding education sessions, speaker lineup, and other programming will be available soon as organizers are still working to finalize the conference schedule for 2023.

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4. EAIE Conference 2023

Date: September 26-29, 2023

Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands

The EAIE is an annual conference that serves as a forum for professionals to network and exchange ideas with their peers. This year’s theme is “Connecting currents,” celebrating Rotterdam’s maritime history and emphasizing the importance of water to the city for providing economic opportunities. Similarly to how water helps Rotterdam connect with other areas, international education serves as the body of water that connects disciplines and cultures across the globe.

The conference aims to help professionals make sense of the complex world of higher education—virtual learning, climate action, geopolitics, multilingualism, and much more. Although the call for conference proposals is now closed, registrations for attendees will open in May 2023.

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5. Slate Summit 2023

Date: June 1-2, 2023

Location: Nashville, TN

The Slate Summit is part of the Slate Innovation Festival—a multi-event celebration consisting of a webinar series, new releases, and resources. The summit is led by members of the Slate community, and it features opening keynotes, Slate-centric sessions, and group discussions. 

The summit also includes pre-conference presentations by Technosolutions staff regarding their work with students, as well as various events for networking and entertainment, such as a dance party at the end.

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6. NAFSA 2023 Annual Conference & Expo

Date: May 30 – June 2, 2023

Location: Washington, DC

The 2023 NAFSA will be the 75th annual conference and exhibition hosted by one of the world’s largest associations dedicated to international education and exchange. The conference will showcase bold ideas related to international education, social, economic, and environmental justice, advocacy for community engagement and its impact, learning models and programs, the role of international education leaders, the use of technology, and much more.

Showcase your organization or institution among the other thousands of professionals attending to discuss strategies, innovations, and other higher education practices. By attending the sessions planned for the conference and interacting with international education leaders and changemakers, you can establish and build upon your institution’s brand and partnerships.

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7. UPCEA Annual

Date: March 22-24, 2023

Location: Washington, DC

The themes emphasized for this year’s UPCEA conference are related to building partnerships, resilience, inclusion, and access. The conference brings together leaders from all over the world to discuss innovative global collaborations, local partnerships, and interdisciplinary programs. Furthermore, considering the continuously evolving state of technology, the conference will also dive into technology trends and their impact on higher education, talent development retention, and development needs.

The conference aims to address student needs and create a conversation between leaders about the issues of sustainability and access.

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8. NAGAP Graduate Enrollment Management Summit

Date: April 12-15, 2023

Location: New York, NY

The Association for Graduate Enrollment Management is one of the best-known non-profit professional organizations working in the graduate enrollment management environment. Their three-day National Association of Graduate Admissions Professionals Summit brings together vendor exhibitors, sponsors, and regular attendees to discuss graduate enrollment management.

The 2023 annual NAGAP will include speakers such as:

  • April Hernandez – Actor, Author, Speaker
  • Seth Gummere – Senior Vice President Study Portals
  • Nitin Agrawal – Co-founder & CEO, Interstride
  • Julie Deland – Director of Administration, Department of Health Policy and Management, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

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9. AMA Higher Ed Symposium

Date: November 12-15, 2023

Location: Chicago, IL.

The American Marketing Association has a 30+ year history of hosting symposiums for the marketing of higher education institutions. This year’s conference incorporates various events to help leaders connect with their peers and discuss solutions for today’s higher education challenges. 

One of the highlights of this conference is the interactive workshops where attendees can discuss topics like marketing communications, analytics, project management, design thinking, brand impact, and talent development.

The call for proposals is open until Monday, April 10, 2023, whereas decisions are sent on the week of June 26, 2023. Registrations for the conference will be open soon.

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Date: November 29 – December 1, 2023

Location: Portland, OR

Although little information is available regarding this year’s UPCEA MEMS conference because it has not yet been finalized, based on the success of previous years, it is a conference you do not want to miss. The MEMS Planning Committee is working hard on designing a creative and engaging program that offers networking opportunities to the attendees and valuable lessons about marketing and enrollment management.

Just like they have done in previous years, the 32nd Annual MEMS aims to address higher education challenges and advise attendees on growing college enrollment through data-driven strategies and tactics.

Click here to see more UPCEA upcoming events


Conference season has begun, and it is time for you to decide which ones you want to experience. Though many conferences are scheduled for 2023, the ten conferences listed in this article are a must-attend for higher education leaders.

Events such as the American Council on Education (ACE) Annual Meeting, the UPCEA conference, and the NASPA Conferences on Student Success in Higher Education cover a range of topics that can help you learn more about current challenges, trends, and innovations in the field of education. Furthermore, they act as a forum where you can meet and network with peers and industry leaders.

Consider the scheduled time, location, cost, and focus of the conferences to find one or more that best fits your interests. Each event in this article will present you with new ideas, network opportunities, and hours of fun. So, don’t miss out on the chance to learn, grow, and connect with other education professionals.

Faton Sopa

Faton Sopa

Co-Founder & CEO

Faton is the Co-founder & CEO of Manaferra and someone who wakes up every morning seeing endless possibilities to progress and help others make a difference, for the better. That thought then translates everything he does to see both the team and clients move forward.

Faton is the Co-founder & CEO of Manaferra and someone who wakes up every morning seeing endless possibilities to progress and help others make a difference, for the better. That thought then translates everything he does to see both the team and clients move forward.

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