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How 10 Popular SEO Blogs Looked When They Launched

Every blog has to start somewhere, right? Out of curiosity, we decided to see how our favorite SEO blogs looked when they launched, and the results were pretty interesting. Listing 10 popular SEO blogs and comparing their first design with

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121 Digital Marketing Quotes Every Marketer Should Know

“Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine trick that need to keep changing… Click To Tweet 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

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4 New Features for Facebook Page Admins You Probably Missed

As digital marketers, we are always looking to make our job more effective, and this includes researching for new tools, features and ways to constantly improve our results and meet marketing objectives. Large Social Networks and Marketing Platforms like Facebook are continually introducing

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7 Inspiring Marketing Quotes From @WebitCongress #webit 2014

Webit stands for a number of premium digital and tech events held in EMEA and Asia. Since 2009 the flagship event Global Webit Congress grew from 500 to 10 000 attendees from 110 countries in 2014. Manaferra attended the Webit

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Strategies for facebook ads

5 strategies to improve your Facebook ads performance

The role of Facebook in Business Marketing Strategies is becoming larger each day, even that Business pages may have once been just an extension of the brand in a simpler way and also a place for connecting with consumers, Facebook

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WordPress Speed

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

WordPress powers 18.9% of the web. We at Manaferra, like to think of WordPress as one of the best things ever happened to web. It’s simplicity and flexibility are main reasons of why WordPress is so popular now days. WordPress

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How Facebook is reinventing Remarketing?

Facebook is reinventing remarketing Would be amazing to retarget people who have already expressed a form of interest on your products or services? Reach only the ones who are most likely to convert to purchase and increase your Return On

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Mass 301 redirect using .htaccess or WordPress plugins

It comes a day when you start making changes in your website. These changes can be from a simple change in design to completely change the CMS that powers the site. Or maybe you are moving your site from an

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top twitter

Most-tweeted albanian websites of the month

Here we go again. This is the second time we look into Twitter activity to see which is the most-tweeted Albanian website of the month. In January 2014, Telegrafi, Koha & GazetaExpress were top 3 Albanian websites with most links

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Using Google+ shortcuts to improve your user experience

Using mouse to navigate a website sometimes know to be very exhausting especially when you have to do with a ton of news feeds on social media websites Google+. That is why Google has recently decided to launch a more

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